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Happy Passover (Pesach)!!!
Passover 1st Day Part A (audio)
Shemot (Exodus)

Passover 1st Day Part B (audio)
Yahoshua (Joshua)
5:2-15, 6:1, 7:1

Passover 2nd Day Part A (audio)
Vayikra (Leviticus)
22:26-31 & 23:1-44
Passover 2nd Day Part B (audio)
2nd Melakim (Kings)
23:1-9 & 23:21-25)
Passover 2nd Day Part C (audio)
Passover 3rd Day (audio)
Shemot (Exodus) 13:1-6
Messiah In Passover
(YouTube Video)
Passover 4th Day (audio)
Shemot (Exodus)
22:24-31, 23:1-19
Understanding Passover (video)

"Illustrated Children's Bible" Page 43 (audio)
Arise America, Jewish People of Color
(YouTube Video)

Passover 5th Day (audio)
Shemot (Exodus)
Chinese Jews Sing Passover Song
(YouTube Video)
Passover 6th Day Part A (audio)
Bemidbar (Genesis)
Passover 6th Day Part B (audio)
Bemidbar (Genesis)
Passover 6th Day Part C (audio)

Let us not forget there are Jews/Hebrews all over the world!
Remnant of Yahudym Ghana
(YouTube Video)
RE-EMERGING: The Jews of Nigeria

(YouTube Video)

Passover 7th Day Part A (audio)
Shemot (Genesis) 33:12-20, 34:1-26
Passover 7th Day Part B (audio)
Yehezkel (Ezekiel) 36:37-38, 37:1-14
Passover 7th Day Part C (audio)
Passover 7th Day Part D (audio)
Shemot (Exodus) 13:17-22,
14:1-31, 15:1-26
Passover 7th Day Part E (audio)
2 Shmuel (Samuel) 22:1-51
Passover 7th Day Part F (audio)

Passover 8th Day Part A (audio)
Shemot (Exodus)
15:19-27, 16:1-17
Passover 8th Day Part B (audio)
Yeshayahu (Isaiah)
10:32-34, 11:1-16, 12:1-6

Passover 8th Day Explanation
(YouTube Video)
The Jews are Black
(YouTube Video)
Jewish Irish Song, "I am a Jew"
(YouTube Video)
Mystery of Jews in Japan
(YouTube Video)

Blow The Trumpets is a Cablevision Public Access 21 Program made possible by
Charlotte Mecklenburg Public Access Corporation with Host Flora Williams (Yahir).

If you have Cablevision in the Charlotte (NC) area, you can watch the Program on
Access 21 at 10:00pm Wednesdays.

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The purpose of this Program is to bring the message of Messiah to the Lost Sheep of the House of Yisrael and Gentiles and to teach about Hebrew/Jewish roots of faith.
Some scriptures of reference in regards to this purpose are as follows:
Yeshayahu (Isaiah) 58:1 and Yoel (Joel) 2:1. Matthew/Mattithyahu 10:5 Yahoshua sent these twelve out, having commanded them, saying, "Do not go into the way of the gentiles and do not enter a city of Shomeronites, 6 but rather go to the lost sheep of the house of Yisra'el.

Isaiah/Yeshayahu 58:1 & Yoel (Joel) 2:1 scriptures tell about sins and transgressions of the people. Numbers 10. This chapter talks about the trumpets/shofars calling the people.
Matthew/Mattithyahu 10. The twelve emissaries were given instructions for the search of the Lost Sheep.

If you are interested in
volunteering on the set, please email us. But, keep in mind the station  (Access 21) will only let people volunteer who have been through their training program. If you'd like to take the training program please check out the following website: Charlotte Mecklenburg Public Access Corporation at or call them at 704 377-8988 or EMAIL US ( The staff will help you get started.

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Feedback From Viewers:

"Blow the Trumpets" has done great things in my life. It has been more than a program for me and my family; it has been more than an outreach...that reaches into the deepness of a searching heart. it is a voice in the wind, an escape into a refresher place of peace. I enjoy listening, learning as I sit at the feet of Yahoshua and gleam knowledge and wisdom from HIS TRUTH. I am so humble to have the privilege of knowing the visionary of "Blow the Trumpets." Rabbi Yahoshua Yahir has been a joy, delight and a special friend to me and many. I have had a great opportunity to observe her on the scene and behind the scene and I must say...that it takes a very unique woman to carry out this task. I am grateful to have her as my teacher and to know her to be someone who takes this great work that Father has called her to do very seriously. Once again, "Blow the Trumpets has given me the answers I have searched high and low for and finally the Father has used Rabbi Yahoshua Yahir to deliver HIS TRUTH like a fire shut up in my bones and for that my friends...I am filled. (Minister Lisa Coppage (A Seeker Keeper).

Saturday 16, 2011: After viewing Rabbi Yahoshua's message called "SEEDS" I was blown away. Surprisingly, I had been up the night before seeking and my FATHER the GOD of Yisrael used my seed to open the door to the SEEDS.  He ministered to Rabbi Yahoshua Yahir to minister to me. I was graciously blessed because it's not a popular
message these days. I am on the same journey as my Rabbi Yahoshua Yahir and I know that this journey is not easy, but it is a great journey to be on. This is a path that not so many want to r]travel because of the search. You see this message brought a revelation to me and that is a simple one but difficult at the same time. Simply because our FATHER is a GOD of clarity and a GOD of peace in which there is no confusion but clear and cut. Difficult because when you have been taught partial information for all so long; and have heard the same stories. You began to believe that it must be true because everybody is saying the same things.

However, I am so glad that I am a seeker for HIS TRUTH. RABBI YAHOSHUA YAHIR is a seeker for HIS TRUTH. We have found HIS TRUTH. This is why I had to elaborate on Rabbi Yahoshua Yahir's message 'SEEDS" because I MUST know my HOME!
For those who don't quit get it just keep seeking and you will find HIM. For those who do understand, just keep seeking more and you will receive more of HIM!
(Minister Lisa Coppage (A Seeker Keeper)